"A charming wallflower." Quil's box quote.

Quil Liphoth is the son of the Qliphoths. He was made by Thenaturals


Quil Liphoth is thought of as a really popular guy who most girls would dream of being around. He is on the Varsity team for casketball, and is the captain of the team. He is popular on both sides of the student body, as guys see him as cool and girls see him as charming and hot. He may come across as cocky but he is a decent natured guy with good intentions. He has been on many dates, but he is yet to find his Miss Right - when he meets Breanna Beetlejuice, he falls in love with her, so he may be on the right path.

Origin of Species

Not much is known about Quil's origin, but the Qliphoths are mentioned as Dark Spirits, though Quil is far from unkind himself. He can float through walls, and can also have a ghostly power of reading minds. This makes him sound oddly creepy, but most girls see it as charming.



His family are not mentioned much.


Quil is friends with lots of people on the Varsity teams though he seems to be on good terms with ghouls too.


Quil has a toad named Splinary.


Quil has garnered the attention of many girls, but currently he and Breanna Beetlejuice are dating. He enjoys her better than other girls and thinks she is adorable. He used to date Lina Greene once before he moved on to Breanna.


Initially, Angela L. Goulding, Nessalyn Van Loch and Clarissa Del Rue were hostile towards him as they didn't want Breanna to get hurt. Later on they become friends.



Quil wears a grey-blue shirt with a full collar, a black tie, black trousers and black and cream sneakers. His hair is styled with a small quiff at the front.


  • "Would you like to sit with me for lunch? Saves you picking out a toilet stall and et cetera." Quil asks Breanna to sit with him.
  • "They seem nice..." Quil is wary of Breanna's friends being hostile
  • "So, you're trying out for maceball then? Sounds pretty cool. I'm more of a casketball expert but hey, I guess thatI could learn from you."


  • Out of Thenaturals's characters, Quil has the most mysterious origin.