Pussina stripe



killer style:

flexible and lose for my flips

freaky flaw:

i have to watch what i say, because i can constantly brag.


an octopus, which can bend every way i do.

fav activity:

doing gymnastics

pet peeve:

when toralei constantly thinks that I try to show her up and show off at school

fav school subject:

gym, duh!

least fav school subject:

anything where i have to sit at a desk allday. I fidget!

fav color:

caramel brown and aqua green.

fav food:

nuts. almonds, peanuts, cashews, etc.

Too many parameters

pussina is toralei's cousin who does gymnastics. toralei constantly thinks that she tries to show her up at school. she has a pet octopus, who can bend like she does. she is good friends with purrsphone and meowledy beause they all do gymnastics

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