Prom Nightmares
Season 1, Episode 16
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A Night of Dreams

Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, Episode 16: The ghouls are trying to find the perfect dresses for proms but things keep happening one after another.


Frankie is helping decorate the hall for the prom with help from Draculaura, Clawdeen, Lagoona, Cleo, Abbey, and Sassa. Each talking about their plans for prom. Draculaura says she has the perfect dress. Clawdeen says her dress is better then hers. She lookse serious then laughs and sasy she'll look beautiful in it. Frankie says she's almost done making her dress and it'll be done in time for prom. They finish puting the final decorations up and smile at their accomplishments. They walk out to their next class.

Lagoona and Abbey wait in a store while Sassa tries on a dress. She steps out and Lagoona says she looks beautiful. Sassa says yeah halfheartedly. Abbey asks what is wrong. Sassa says that Skelton has been bugging her lately because she's been ignoring him. Lagoona asks why. Sassa says he got into MU and she didn't. Abbey asks why that matters and Sassa says that they'll drift appart because of it. Lagoona says they can make things work if they really want to. Sassa nods and says she'll talk to him.

Aspen comes up to Scarah and says he wants to talk to her. Scarah says to go ahead and Aspen says they'll talk after prom. Scarah asks why and Aspen says he wants one more beautiful night with her. He smiles and leaves a confused Scarah.

Axel and Nefera are talking about inviting Normies to the MH prom as a big social gathering for them. Nefera protests and says it'll ruin the prom. Axel says maybe it's to soon and Nefera agrees. Axel smiles and says they should go to prom to supervise the event. Nefera is stunned but agrees after some persuasion.

Frankie returns home to find her studio is ruined. She runs to her ruined dress and sees that one of her father's experiments went wrong. She cries into her dress while a machine falls and breaks.

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