her face

Hissette Plush

plush doll

Hissena room

my room thet is just for me:D

Age: 2 or 3... maybe...

Killer Style: I don't really have time to talk too much because I have a royal playdate with Enna. Enna is Cloe's little sister's pet. She always wanted me to get out of the royal house because she wants to be alone and rule alone.

Pet :Cloe de midnight. She loves me like for ever and ever. She always know what I want. She gives me some of those and some of those too. The most I like is jewelery she never gives me that. Oh yeah! Once she give me jewelery-one time.

Favorite activity: Making Enna cry. She cries like a baby hahaha...

Biggest pet peeve: I do like ruling the world with Cloe. She is very crazy about ruling the world like her mother.

Favorite food: I eat everything so my favorite food is everything.

bff's: Rhuen and everyone I follow.

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