Although Prince is an obnoxious, egotistical playboy who thinks he's better than everyone else, he's a real sweetheart on the inside. He is willing to protect those he loves and sticks up for them when he finds someone treating them badly, however, he prefers to do so silently and secretly as he feels uncomfortable with the gratitude he would be showered with. Thus, he has grown up to be disliked by his cousins and friends as they have no idea what he does for them behind their backs. At the same time, he is also one of the people who teases and insults them. Go figure. He is especially protective of his cousin Greg Rilla and his sister Gloria Rilla who attend the same school as he does and are too innocent and naive to stick up for themselves. He is a playboy. Arrogant, self-loving and despicable as he is, girls will still be willing to date him (it's unclear why). It is questionable if he will ever change for anyone. He enjoys the attention and uses it to his advantage.

Physical Description

Prince is mostly seen wearing a suit of some sort or looking very prim and sophisticated in whatever he wears. His hair is spiked with bleached tips and he has distinguashable yellow eyes and a "charismatic smile". His father does not have a tail so it is assumed he inherited his mother's looks. None of his cousins have a tail either besides Jim Pansy who has yet to come to the school.


He has various relationships every week depending on his mood. Currently though, he is not in a relationship and prefers to keep it that way for a while. That doesn't mean he can't still play the flirt with girls.


He lives with his dad and has no mother, brothers or sisters. However, he has a whole clan of cousins whom he can visit and loves them to the core but seldom shows it. We only know three of his cousins George and Gloria Rilla and Jim Pansy but it is implied that there are more.


He's friends with a a different group from Deuce's but is also semi-rival with Heath. His group of friends are still unknown but he does not hang with his cousins at school.