Prince Darzozuki Dexto Gazakita is the twin brother of Prince Franzozuki Xtukita Gazakita, and he's the 2nd in command of the Majo'Thon Agency Team. According to Darzozuki-kun's info, he's so serioues and sometimes friendly to others. But most of Monster High students find him so evil and demotic, but Franzozuki-kun explains for him that he's not what they think of him. But still Darzozuki-kun is alot more faithful and strong on his own feelings and of course others too, as for the enemies he faces in combat he can also use his feelings of their sins they do. Ironicly Darzozuki-kun hates Nefera De Nile, for being a jerk to everyone and her sister too.


Epic Prince Arm Blade. All Weapons Ability. <---Except Heavy Weapons. All Enchanced Weapons Ability. <---Except Heavy Weapons. Rahk'Majo'Shi Rage Mode. DNA Evolution Powers. <---After Killing Oppoments! Agility Manuvers. <---Even Strave Bullets and Spells that fast. Shadow's Speed Limit. <---Requiers either a God Seal or a Gem of God's Power. Shadow's Jump Leigth. <---Requiers either a God Seal or a Gem of God's Power. And Last, God Mode Transformation. <---Requiers The Gems of God's Power.

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