Potion Panic
Season 1, Episode 3
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A Hunch of Red

Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, episode 3: Grimz and BoogeyJ steal Wicca's love potion but things don't go quite as they plan.


Grimz watches a door as BoogeyJ rifles through a cabinet full of potions. Grimz tells hum to hurry before Wicca gets there. BoogeyJ says he's going as fast as he can. He grabs a small bottle full of a glowing red liquid that glows and his face appears in sparkles. BoogeyJ shuts the cabinet and says he's done. Wicca walks in and asks what they're doing in her private storeroom. BoogeyJ hides the potion behind his back and accidentally pours most of it's contents down a drain which then travels through the pipes in the school eventually winding up at the drinking fountains.

Grimz and BoogeyJ say nothing and run out of the room as Wicca yells at them. BoogeyJ freaks out that he accidentally poured most of the potion down the drain. Grimz is distracted by flirting with all the girls around him who seem to pay more attention to BoogeyJ then him. BoogeyJ says the potion must have gotten into the water fountains and all they have to do is make Wicca drink the water.

Brian posts an ad saying that he could be a math teacher and then walks off to his next class. Operetta comes up and takes his number so she doesn't fail math. Later that day Brian heads to teh catacombs to tutor Operetta. The two study for a few minutes before taking a break and eating lunch. The two bond and Brian develops a crush, but Operetta leaves before things get more serious. Brian is sad but heads back upstairs to his next class.

BoogeyJ watches as Wicca takes a drink from the water fountain and seems unaffected as she simply walks past BoogeyJ without even looking at him. Suddenly girls shriek and begin chasing BoogeyJ all over the school. Grimz glances away from a girl for a second but then goes back to flirting.

BoogeyJ eventually loses the girls in the catacombs. Wicca walks in and BoogeyJ asks why she isn't affected by the potion. She explains that a potion doesn't work on the witch that brew it and says it will wear off in a couple hours. BoogeyJ apologizes and she says it was cute. The two then leave the catacombs holding hands.


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