Physical Description

Polly is the daughter of one of the most famous Cyclopes in history-- Polyphemus. She's inherited her father's number of eyes, and likely his size, as she already towers above most girls her age at nearly seven feet tall. She has pale green skin, dark green hair that she often keeps in a ponytail or braids, and a single hazel eye. Two small fangs poke out from under her lower lip.

As far as style goes, Polly doesn't really stick out. She usually wears baggy sweatshirts and jeans, though she does seem to make an effort not to clash. Her Dead Tired outfit consists of a pair of blue, sheep-patterned pajama bottoms and one of her dad's old shirts. For beachwear, Polly's frst choice is a blue and yellow two-piece (NOT a bikini, mind). Her Dance of the Dead outfit is a knee-length, blood red toga and gold lace-up sandals.


  • Her last name is pronounced "Cloh-peas," not "Clops"
  • She is a distant cousin of Deuce Gorgon
  • Thanks to her unusual appearance, she doesn't have the greatest self-image.
  • She makes a killer barbecue-- just don't ask where she gets the meat from. Seriously, don't.



Pic from Monster High wiki