==|name=Pinky wolf sister of Clawdeen Howleen and Clawd |image=


|killer_style=Howleen is the closest of a friend i have i like to think of my outfit as killer pink you will never see me not around pink even in the shower!

|freaky_flaw=shaving plucking waxing you name any thing that has to do with fur removal i do it for sure! |pet=pinky jr. pinky jr. is my little fluff ball of a carnivore poodle i spoil her rotton.

|favorite_activity=i love going shopping at the maul for new ghoul trends and hanging with all of my ghoul friends |pet_peeve=when people spit when they talk it gets on my fur and thats another freaky flaw one drop of water and i am queen fluffy

|fav_school_subj=mad science they can't blame you for making a mess

|least_fav_school_subj=home ick seriously i don't need a class to know how to boil water

|fav_color=hot pink

|fav_food=sushi I'm an classy ghoul

|bffs= howleen rebecca steam draculara

|diary=why do think i would tell you?==

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