Name:Phantazama Cirque


Monster Parent: The Nightmare Ringmaster

Killer Style: That's an easy one Circus Chic! oh and my love for Converse

Freaky Flaw: um okay...I guess that would be that I dream's kind like ease dropping but when your asleep ...yeah weird I know

Pet: Well I have Marcel my Slow Loris and Arvord Boulvard Whos a mix alot of things really

Favorite Activity: Doing my Vologs on Fright Tube maybe you've seen them I go by Cirusgirl13 I also love Rythmic Grimnastic

Biggest Pet Peeve: when my contacs lense wanders OMG it's so embarrising!

Favorite School Subject: Fashion 101 I gotta say I love it I made the most Creeperific dresses last week

Least Favorite School Subject: Clawculas I'm really not good at it... mabye I should get a tutor

BFF'S: Sandi Manning, Alex Brije,and Igor Jr.

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