"Remember, curiosity killed the cat…as well as 6 hooks ripping it apart."

-Tagline from Penny's Diary

Penny Hecta is the daughter of the Cenobites, and often assumed specifically Pinhead. Unlike her relatives she tries her best to avoid pain, despite her many piercings.


Penny is a calm and level headed girl. She's a vegan, thanks to growing up torturing living things, and is an avid supporter of Draculaura's vegan movement at school. She enjoys solving puzzles, and even making up ones to tease her friends with. At times she seems shallow and manipulative though. She also enjoys hard rock music.

Physical Appearance

Penny has light pink skin with pointed elf-like ears, and light icey blue hair with bright pink streaks in it. Her eyes are completely blacked out with an eerie highlight to them. She also has a criss-cross pattern over her face; whether this is a birth mark, scaring, or a tattoo is unconfirmed. She has several piercing that include, but are not limited to:

  • a right eyebrow ring
  • nose stud
  • lower lip stud
  • belly button stud/ring
  • nipple rings
  • 3 piercing per ear

Classical Monster

The Cenobites are extradimensional beings who appear in the works of Clive Barker, including the novella The Hellbound Heart and the nine Hellraiser films. The Cenobites vary in number, appearance, and motivations depending on the medium (film, comic book, etc.) in which they appear. The involvement of multiple parties in the production of Hellraiser films and comics has led to varying levels of consistency regarding the canonical aspects of their philosophies and abilities. The only constants are that they take the form of ritually mutilated creatures with varying degrees of human characteristics, and that that they can only reach Earth's reality through a schism in time and space, which is opened and closed using an innocuous-looking puzzle box called the Lament Configuration



Penny was raised in a communal like structure by all the cenobites, so despite her aversion to pain and blood she loves them all very dearly. She does have a brother named Vincient Paine, who is either a half brother or adopted; the two have a very typical brother-sister relationship of annoyance.


Penny is best friends with Shangri La and Hexi Decimal.


Penny is currently dating Boy Lordi. The two get along very well due to their similar upbringings and love of piercings and music, however her vegan ways does annoy him from time to time. He's also known to get jealous if guys hit on her.



Penny wears a black gothic-inspired top that seems to have a sleeveless shirt base, with billowy black sleeves attached to it. She has a two-toned pleated skirt in black and dark raspberry. She has a mesh body suit underneath her clothing, as judged by the fact that mesh can be seen in all of the holes cut in her clothes, and on her legs, but not on her forearms. She also has knee high boots that match her skirt. Her makeup is in tones of dark pink, and her hair is left loose and down.

Dawn of the Dance

Her hair is completely styled to the right, exposing her the shaved sides of her head. She wears a corset-like top, with a long billowy skirt that is held up with a pair of "suspenders" that also connect to a black choker collar with a large silver jump-ring. Her arm length gloves have a multitude of straps and buckles on them, as well as a pair of stiletto black knee high boots. her nose and lip piercings also connect to rings in her right ear with a chain. Her makeup is in tones of charcoal gray.

Gloom Beach

She has a tiny black string bikini top on under a mesh overshirt with short surfer shorts. She also has mesh armwarmers, and black heeled sandals. Her hair and piercing match her regular style. Her makeup is in tones of light gray.


  • It's assumed Penny attends the Day Class shift at Monster High
  • Penny's name was meant to be a female version of Pinhead's nickname "Pinny"
  • Her surname "Hecta" came from the Lordi song "Ghosts of Hecta's head"
  • Penny was the first Cenobites kid MH OC
  • Penny's "gender bender" name is Pentacle Hecta and he is red instead of pink
  • Penny was KPenDragon's second MH OC, and first OC to get a diary
  • Penny is an inactive OC
  • Penny was intended to become a custom doll, but so far she only has a half finshed MLP NBC custom