Penny is Clawrissa and Maulissa's pet cat. She is also the sister of Crescent.


Physical Description

Penny is a dark purple cat that is slightly furrier than her brother. Her eyes are the color of copper hence her name. She has a club shaped tail like her brother. She wears a leather collar with a copper tag. She will often sleep on Clawrissa's books or Maulissa's computer and has even fallen asleep in Rissie's backpack.

Bio Description

"....can be very bossy. But I love her anyways!"


  • The creator did name Penny for the character in Dr. Horrible, but thought the character would have a different reason.
  • A "humanized" version of her has her looking like a werecat with the same ears and tail as her animal form with the same hair and eye color, her clothes are in shades of blue, purple, and gray, and her skin is brown.


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