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-He's Operetta's half-brother, as he's the son of Gerik (Think of the '04 movie), Becasue Geirk is Geirk, he has more of a werid, rock'n'roll/operatic musical and clothing style, so you never really know just what he'll show up wearing. 'Torio has....more a a deformity than she has; therefore his mask is more ALW inspired

-His band name means "dead music" in Latin

-He has a crush on Draculaura

-Brownie points to those who reconize the referneces!

Artwork+Bio comng soon!

Classic Monster:

Oratorio is Gerik's son. Erik is a deformed, musical genius who lived in the Paris Opera House for years, stealin gmoney fromthe managers and terrifying its employees. The only human contact he ever had was the daratoga ( 'Torio's "Uncle Nadir") [Yes, I know that the daratoga doesn't exist in ALW universe, but MH!canon is LOADED wih inconsistant stuff, so w/e] EmmyRossum!Christine ("Mum") and Madame Giry ("that batshit crazy neighbor")

For more information and a complete summary of the Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux, visit Operetta's page on the MH Wikia.

Due to the numerous movies, books, and musicals based off of this classic novel, there are many differentations on Erik's deformity.

Torio follows the ALW half-facial deforminty, like this sister:

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