Valentine?Isn't that a holiday?-Operella first hears of Valentine

Operella Phantom is the litte sister of Operetta Phantom and is dating Valentine.


Operella is Sweet but maybe a little too childish. She loves to play Games and is in love with her Stuffed toy cat named Claws. She is also a little stuck up. She usually acts like she just drank 20 gallons of coffee and 7 candy bars. She speaks in a fast tone, so most people cant keep up with her and usually runs rather then walks. She hates it when she has to calm down. She is extreamly emotional, shy, and Hard Headed. She is extreamly smart when it comes to Acadamics, but dumb in any other situation. She also loves My Little Ghosties and collects them.

Physical Apperence

Operella has light purple skin and Straight,shoulder length shiny blonde hair. She also has yellow/purple eyes depending on the lighting.

Her in the Fright song

Ay, Frankie's got me fallin' apart
Uhh, Draculaura's stealin' my heart (heart)
Clawdeen Wolf ya make me howl at the moon (howl)
Lagoona you're the finest fish in this lagoon (Ah!)
Yeah Cleo de Nile you so beguile
Even though you act so vile
And Deuce has stone cold style
Operella you my cinderella
Heath oh your on fire (sizzle)
Bonetta's Crackin' up

Draculance,why ya so crude?
Baby is a werecat with an attitude
These are my boos, my skeleton crew
A little strange, but so are you
Don't you wanna be a Monster too?