Oper Song is one of the oldest childern of the Phantom of the Opera. Oper Song is not like normal children. He enjoys classical things like Ludwig van Beethoven and Mozart. Somehow, all these things swept Ida McLeprechaunson off her feet. Oper Song is always being embaressed by his older sister, (by a month) Operetta. Some guys enjoy picking on him because he is a classical guy... Well... except Griff Ion and Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde.


Oper Song will wear anything classical and fancy. He always mostly wears his favorite fancy outfit. Let's just say it is very hard to describe.



Oper Song lives with his parents and his 100 other siblings. They live in a orchestra house (Oper Song secretly designed and got construction builders to bulid this while they were living in a large apartment).


Oper Song's best friends are:

1. Griff Ion

2.Jackson Jekyll

3. Holt Hyde


Oper Song's girlfriend is Ida McLeprechaunson.

  • PET:

Oper Song owns a box turtle named Mozart. The reason why he named it that because he bought the turtle on Mozart's b-day.


The Phatom of the Opera is a phantom that haunts the people of the opera. Some discription of this phantom is said that it has a mask that covers a hideous face. It mostly wears a cape to hide some of his body. They're are differnet versions of the characters in the different movies.&nbsp