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Season 1, Episode 9
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Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1, episode 9: Grimz receives his punishment and it turns into a real cat-astrophe.


Grimz sits in Bloodgood's office as she disciplines him for his prank. He asks what his punishment is and Bloodgood says it's to assist the director of the school play. Just then the door to the office opens and Toralei stands there smiling. Grimz frowns and follows her out of the office.

Wicca is trying to convince Teala to try out for the school play. Teala says she's nervous and doesn't know if she'll get the part. Wicca says she can charm the directors into making her the lead. Teala protests and says that'd be cheating. Wicca says to keep her options open and walks away from a gloomy Teala.

In the auditorium Grimz is listening to Toralei say that the first step is auditions and that he'll help her pick. The first hopeful is Ghoulia. She begins moaning the lines and Toralei screams NOOO! Next is Cleo who asks if she should even try. Toralei says not the slightest chance. Teala comes in and begins saying the lines. Toralei says she was perfect but Teala begins snorting in happiness. This causes to Toralei to scream NOOO! Next is Purrsephone who gives a perfect audition as does Meowlody. The twins begin arguing over who was better eventually leading them into a fight which causes both to have injured arms. Grimz sighs at them.

Toralei is backstage yelling at the twins for screwing up the plan and says she'll just have to play lead. Grimz comes back with Teala saying he thinks she should be lead. Toralei opposes this and says they should take a vote. She asks who votes for her and only Toralei raises her hand because the twins have broken arms. Grimz asks who votes for Teala and both her and Grimz raise their hands. Grimz says Teala wins and she cheers with joy. Toralei growls and walks off with the injured twins.

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