Oozing Love
Season 1, Episode 8
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Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes, Season 1 , episode 8: Gina helps Howleen get a date with the Slimen Ooze but things don't go exactly as planned.


Gina floats into her class and sits next to Howleen. When Gina leans over and asks what she's drawing, Howleen quickly slams her notebook shut. Howleen says sorry and Gina says she can trust her. Howleen opens her notebook to reveal doodles of Slimen Ooze a blob jock. Gina asks if she likes him so much why she hasn't asked him out. Howleen says she nervous and Gina says she'll help. Howleen asks how and Gina says she has a few ideas.

BoogeyJ and Grimz stand on a balcony holding a balloon. Grimz asks BoogeyJ how he got a potion that turns student's legs into tentacles. BoogeyJ says he snuck a peak at Wicca's recipe book and swiped ingredients from her. Grimz says he better be careful and BoogeyJ says he will. BoogeyJ says it's time just as Wicca comes up and screams at BoogeyJ.

Gina pushes Howleen out from behind a wall and says do it. Howleen sticks her foot out just as Slimen walks by. His foot passes right through her's on account of him being goo. Slimen says nice try and better luck next time with a light hearted smile on his face. Howleen says she'll try and turns back to Gina screaming that she said it would work. Gina says she didn't account for him being goo. Next Gina says to act innocent and ditsy. Howleen tries this on Slimen but Slimen just says don't you know that because she helped him with it yesterday. Howleen turns frustrated at Gina again. Slimen says wait. He asks why she did all that and she says it was to impress him. Slimen says that he doesn't like that about her. Howleen asks what he does like about her and Slimen says let's discuss it over coffee. Howleen smile and walks off she jumps and howls when she's out of Slimen's sight.

Wicca screams at BoogeyJ for stealing her ingredients. BoogeyJ hands the balloon and tries to defend himself. Grims tries to calm them down but they both turn and tell him to but out. This shocks BoogeyJ enough that he drops the balloon over the ledge right on top of Bloodgood. She looks up and tells Grimz to get in her office. BoogeyJ and Wicca stop shouting and run off holding hands as Grimz looks down sadly.


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