Omega Kurio

Kurio's/Cleo's Evil Clone, Omega Kurio! Omega Kurio is a prototype of Kurio's/Cleo's evil clone, she may be over-powered and ofcourse very same. But Omega Kurio is a complete psychopath and meant to destroy everything on earth! Omega Kurio was created by Replica 247 De Nile!

Omega Kurio is a Prototye and a evil Version of Kurio/Cleo, but Omega Kurio is a clone of her. She may be the same as Kurio/Cleo De Nile, but the truth is that Omega Kurio is a complete Psyhcopath. And she is very violent and will tear up anyone who dares to attack her and anyone she sees, Omega Kurio is also meant to frame Kurio/Cleo De Nile at her friends even she did not do the things that Omega Kurio did. Another thing is that Omega Kurio has a real evil voice with Kurio's/Cleo's voice sound, and she is meant to always fight with Kurio/Cleo and destroy earth with The Spy'Nazi'Majo's. Omega Kurio may seem normal, but she is really evil and does represent as a demontic monster ever made. Omega Kurio was designed by Replica 247 De Nile, she will appear in season 5 though in my fanfic!

Omega Kurio De Nile's Powers are the same as Kurio's/Cleo's, but more darker and evil...

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