Olivier Orco is the son of two ogres.

Olivier was created by JackandDannysGirl on deviantart.


Olivier is an extremely shy boy. He finds it difficult to talk to girls and stutters terribly when he tries to say anything. He has a very low self esteem and that often gets in the way of him doing anything that would draw attention to him. Though he can be awkward he is also very sweet. Olivier is a self proclaimed nerd and likes it. He enjoys playing video games and science fiction movies.

Physical Appearance

Olivier is short and has a small build but he has large ogre feet that often get in way of walking. His skin is a pinkish hue and has small white horns sticking out of his head. His hair is orange and shaggy. His fingernails and toenails are untrimmed and his knuckles and feet are hairy. He has large ears and his face is full of freckles. Olivier needs to wear glasses and he is practically blind without them.

Monster Type

Olivier is the son of two ogres. Ogres are often depicted as humanoid beings that are very tall, ugly, and hairy. The term “ogre” is French and the Orco family is of French heritage. Olivier’s name is also the French spelling of Oliver and is pronounced the same way.



  • Olivier lives with his parents.

  • He is the youngest sibling in his family and has four older brothers; Bruno, Keith, Paul, and Gautier.





Olivier wears a light blue shirt with a blue shell from the Mario games on it with the text “Bull Shells Ruin Everything”, baggy blue jeans with a black belt, white and orange sneakers, and a baggy green jacket adorned with video game buttons and a Star Trek pin. He wears his thick rimmed black glasses.

Gloom Beach

Olivier wears a black Pac-man shirt, gray Tetris swim trunks, and navy blue sandals. He wears his thick rimmed black glasses and white sunscreen on his face.

Dawn of the Dance

Olivier’s hair is slicked back and he wears thick rimmed white glasses. He wears a white collared shirt with a green plaid vest and a purple tie. His Star Trek pin is pinned to his vest. He wears baggy tan kakis and a black belt. A Kirby keychain hangs from his belt loop. He wears black dress shoes on his feet.


Olivier has a male brown pet newt named Galileo.


Olivier’s Skullette is with large ears, horns, and thick rimmed glasses.


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