This Page Is Under Construction

This page is a work in progress. During the process of me making his doll his character may change (Her Highness was planned to be a nice kind character....until I worked on her doll) But he has been mentioned before in my blog on here and in Her Highness's diary. So I thought I'd whip this up for him.

Here, have an idea of what I have in mind via a doll maker (then edited in ms paint). I'll draw him and her Highness as soon as I can.

Oliver Reef

Name: Oliver Coral Reef
Parents: Human Mother, Merman Father
Age: 16
Killer Style: Baggy clothes in muted colours
Freaky Flaw: If he gets wet, even if it's rain or spilled juice, his human leg morph into a mertail
Pet: Doesn't have one.
Pet Peeve: People making fun of his thin/girly look.
Favorite School Subject: Clawculus.
Least Favorite School Subject: Physical Education.
BFFS: He is very new and has yet to make many. He's been asigned Her Highness as a tour guide and 'buddy'

Family Life

He has a very happy family life, his mum is a work at home accountant (and freelance author) and his dad works abroad most time time, which Oliver doesn't mind as he and his mum get to go visit him abroad a lot.

He and his mum are very close as she was, for the most part of his life, his teacher but she has noticed how socially awkward her son is and has decided that he needs to be around people his own age. Even if it is just for a few years.

While he and his father are not 'monsters', there's no way he could cope in a normal school due to his little water condition.


Oliver is a kind soul but often comes across badly as he finds it hard to speak to people that are not his mother or father. He's quiet and shy and finds it hard to make eye contact with others. He'd never say a cruel word about anyone and always tries to find the best in others.


  • He hates his middle name as he knows his mother wanted a daughter to call Coral.
  • He tries to avoid crying and other people who cry as it can trigger his legs to morph.
  • His tail returns to legs as his tail dries.
  • He wears baggy clothes to hide his lean body type.
  • When reviewing the school with his mum he had long wavey blonde hair but upon joining the school officially he cut his hair shorter in an attempt to look more masculine.

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