KEEP OUT!I have claws you know...

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May 1st

Well summer is almost here, and yet my mom still makes me go to school! I kind of miss my old school, Kitten Elementary. Oh well, I gtg for now I will write later bye!

May 2nd

Huff,Diary I can only write for a few minutes because my mom says I need to set the table,uh oh GTG sorry!

June 1st

I went to Nicks house to hang out,and wait for it....(drum roll)He kissed me! I had my first kiss! AAAHHHH!!!!!

=DDDDD.I am going to the dance with him (yay!) and I can't wait!

June 2nd

My mom is gonna kill me! At dinner (fish.yum.) she said she hated that Loch Ness family! NOOOOOO!!!!! I have decided to run away to be with nick(I hoping for something like those movies,but that probably won't happen).

June 4th

Nick's mom is so nice! She is letting me stay with them to be with nick until we are old enough to live alone together! YIPPIE!

June 6th

I got caught D= I can't leave the house EVER so I don't see nick! D=

June 8th

My dad to the rescue! and just in time for the dance!!

June 9th

I need to go to sleep soon.Oh and THE DANCE ROCKED!

June 11th

OMG! I was talking to nick and he told me he was dyslexic!O= gtg ask him why he never told me before,I mean he has had plenty of time we have been dating for 2 years now.