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|name= Button: Daughter of a human and a troll
|age= 17 well, not counting my doll years
|killer_style= I love cute short dresses that match my changing personalities and stipey socks but they only sell those in the normie world. My eye make-up is always light, but my lipstick is strong!
|freaky_flaw= My beady eyes, I only see in circles!
|pet= Cupcake, my genetically engineered hermit crab with a fiesty personality!
|favorite_activity= Ummmm..... Doing my hair! When I was younger is used to stick up straight but now it doesn't, its still fun though!!!
|pet_peeve= When ghouls tease me about being half/normie
|fav_school_subj= The new one, Trollology about the history of trolls! (The cute ones) I think they made it just for me...
|least_fav_school_subj= Geometry- So confusing!!
|fav_color= Hot pink
|bffs= Lagoona Blue, Jackson Jekyll, and Octavia Freshwater

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