This is a list of original characters based on the Create-A-Monster sets.



Vampire Girl

Sea Monster

  • Seanna Flounders (made by Thenaturals)
  • Selena Saltwater (made by Liz S.)
  • Sally waters(by admin146)
  • Krissea Mari (by KPenDragon)
  • Charolette Clearwater (by Monsterhighluv2)
  • Coral McOcean (by Lady Aphrodite)

Three Eye Ghoul

  • Trish Eye (made by Thenaturals)
  • Isabella Eyes (made by Liz S.)
  • Ally Eyey(admin146)
  • Eyeris Pupil (By PG123)



Pink Werecat


Ghost Girl

Vampire Boy

  • Rick Redblood* (made by Thenaturals)
  • Vamperry ( made by Liz S.)
  • Richard(admin146)
  • Valentino (by Monsterhighluv2)

Gargoyle Boy

Puma Boy

  • WereCarl (made by Thenaturals)
  • Peter Feline (made by Liz S.)
  • Klawvyn (by KPenDragon)
  • Pumarila carl(admin146)



  • Hisstrina Gorliss (made by Thenaturals)
  • Hissandra McSnake(by Liz S.)
  • Gnouma Fangs (by Alyssa101)
  • Mel Snakey(admin146)
  • Gorganica Scales Scales (by Monsterhighluv2)
  • Adderlaide (by MargosLxix)


  • Anubia Canopica (made by Thenaturals)
  • Myra DeWraps (by Liz S.)
  • Hapshepsut Raplen II (By Alyssa101)
  • Alyssa Dewraper(admin146)
  • Minnie De'Brain (by Monsterhighluv2)
  • Wrappanda de Eygpt (by Lady Aphrodite)

Ice Girl

  • Anna McTarctica (made by Thenaturals)
  • Snowdeena Dryice (by Liz S.)
  • Crystal-Ices Snolem (by Alyssa101)
  • Anna Ice(admin146
  • Freezaline Cycle (Monsterhighluv2)


Create A Monster Lab

Starter Ghoul

  • Kreatcha by Liz S.)
  • Sproutina Plant (by Monsterhighluv2)

Mystical Add-On

  • Unice Corn (by Liz S.)
  • Oddeda Phantom (by Monsterhighluv2)

Nocturnal Add-On

  • Kit E. Cat (by Liz S.)
  • Katniss Tails ( created by Monsterhighluv2)

Color Me Creepy Lab

Starter Ghoul

Werewolf Add-On

Sea Monster Add-On


  • This character was originally intended to be Rick Redblood, however, in the webisodes, the character didn't look like the CAM boy, as Thenaturals had intended both a Belfry Prep backgrounder and the CAM boy to be the same person, so that stands as of today.
    • Kreatcha is a famous singer, parody of Ke$ha and a pop singer.
  • The OC Beatrice Capri had her face, skin tone and hair colour from the CAM lab, Mystical add on and the add-on's prototype box respectively.

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