Bright, interesting personality. Her father - Doctor Who, and so it has a limitless capacity for regeneration. This is the first life of her life, and she alone. The only person who supports it it - her mother. My father does not want to admit it, but she knows and feels that the case come and he will show his love and understanding to her.

Physical Description

Pale skin contrasts with dark hair with the yellow hair weave. But apart from the yellow strands, you can see the white strands, colored ink. She loves the shirts and jackets. He likes to mix textures and different colors. Many of her outfits she likes to decorate the neckties - they are replacing all the way down from the belt to the laces. Two hearts make her body unique. She can talk bullshit, more emotional, her eyes iris tricolor - a particular mutation occurs in only extraterrestrials , such as it is. The body is very slender, very ideal for a teenager!


Family: She has a father, but he does not want to believe that this may be her daughter. But she knows that there will be a turning point in their relationship. Mother - Nurse very love she! It supports and supported her, and even once on Earth, she helped and supported her. Friends: She does not like the company for it, they - strangers, unknown person. Goes to his father's career - she has already acquired a TARDIS and traveled around the world. Alone. Romance: Unexplained love. Her boyfriend - the recently deceased boy, whom she give all warmth and love for the repose of his soul.

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