Niki Sparks is the 15 year old daughter of the ghost of the campfire. She is the lead singer in the band The Skulletes, as well as a fangtastic friend. She can make flames on any campfire rise rise or go out, depending on her mood, so you might not want to be standing next to a campfire when she gets excited. Here is her bio.

Name: Niki Sparks


Monster Parent: the ghost of the campfire

Lucky Number: 5

Nickname: Firelight

Killer Style: My clothes are litterally on fire! Of course I occasionally wear blue to cool down while I'm on stage, but in my free time, I spark up my style with some hot pink.

Freaky Flaw: The flames of a camfire rise or fall occording to my mood, so I might accidentally burn some monsters when I get even a little bit too happy or angry.

Favorite Color: hot pink

Favorite Food: roasted marshmellows

Pet: Burnice, my flaming fox. If I were you, I wouldn't forget to feed her.

Favorite Activity: playing with my band.

Pet Peeve: when I accidently burn something.

BFF's: Roaxie Pixlen and Gretta(Fangretta)Luinsky

Favorite Subject: Music, it's good band practice

Least Favorite Subject: Swimming, it puts out my flame

Apperance: Niki has blond hair with hot pink streaks. When she's calm her skin looks human like, but when she's angry it turns red. She has pink eyes.

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