• Age: 19
  • Parents: Werepanther
  • Killer Style: Anything cheap at the campus store.
  • Freaky Flaw: I take things to lightly and tend to be spacey most days.
  • Pet: Pinches is my pet crab. I've managed to stop his tendencies to pinch everyone.
  • Favortie Color: A deep slate to match my furrocious fur.
  • Favorite Activity: I like running, It clears my head, though sometimes I overdo it so it really clears my head.
  • Favorite Subject: Clawculus
  • Least Favorite Subject: I'm uncreative so grammar and other word subjects aren't my fave.
  • Biggest Pet Peeve: When people take advantage of my spaciness.
  • BFFs: Clawd Wolf
  • GFs: The whole reason Clawd brought me back to MH was to set me up with his sister Clawdeen. We do like each other but if we tell Clawd he'll never let it go.


Nicolai tends to be spacey and unable to focus on things around him. People take advantage of this but he usually gets over it.


Nicolai has blue fur covering his entire body, a tail, and black hair. He has fangs potruding from his lower jaw. He wears a blue sleevelss shirt with a ripped desing on it and black shorts. His shoes are black with blue accents.


Nicolai attends Monster University and shares a dorm with Clawd Wolf. The two become friends and share a couple classes together. He accompanies Clawd back to Monster High during their vacation. There he is introduced to Clawdeen who he immediately falls for. They both get angry at Clawd for intentionally setting them up, but quickly get over it begin dating. They hit a snag shortly after when Toralei is revealed as his cousin but overcome that too. He leaves to go back to MU with Clawd just before The Masked Lantern's attack. He is worried when Clawdeen is captured but relieved when she's released by Gina Djinn. He attends a party with Clawdeen in Gina's honor.


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