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"Love is like pure Scotch. It's sweet, a fantasy, and pointless if you don't like it." Nessalyn makes her opinions on romance clear.

Nessalyn 'Nessa' Van Loch is the daughter of the Loch Ness Monster


Nessalyn is the most caring and gentle of the ghoulfriends. She speaks with a heavy Scottish accent, and rambles on a bit quite a lot, but she also makes time for others. She emphasises things a lot, but people always get the message in the end. In addition, Nessalyn is prone to OCD - and prefers to be clean. However, she is a fan of comfy fabrics, that can be baggy too.

Origin of Species

Her mom is Nessie, and her dad was a human who mutated to part fish after he met Nessie and they gave birth to their daughter. Nessalyn is very reluctant to go in seawater because she is ashamed of her origin.



Nessalyn's family live under the sea, so she can't see them. She lives with her friend Clarissa Del Rue in her house.


Nessalyn's best friends are Lina Greene, Angela L. Goulding and Clarissa Del Rue. She is also friends with Breanna Beetlejuice. She is quite selective of friends, because she would prefer if they lived on the land.


Her pet is a turtle named Professor Scot. He wears a blue fedora hat.


Nessalyn has recently been interested in Clarissa Del Rue's brother Ricky. It is mentioned in Monster High: Blame it on the Ghouls that Clarissa has already gotten used to it.



Nessalyn wears her hair in a short bob with a green headband. She wears a green dress which is belted with a blue cross belt (similar to the Scottish flag) and has a white collar and blue puffed sleeves. The skirt is a puffball skirt and she wears white and mint green sneakers.

Goodnight, Sleepfright


Drop Dead Disco



  • "Ah loove men, especially when they're gettin' burned in straw." Nessalyn talks about The Wicker Man.
  • "Mebbe we shoods try tae evade th' problem?"


  • Her normie name would be Jessalyn Lock.
  • Nessalyn would have Lagoona's headmold.
  • It is noted that Nessalyn's crush on Ricky is identical to Draculaura's crush on Clawd, and they tie with the 'Best Friend's Brother' theme.
  • Excuse my terrible knowledge of Scottish dialect. I am learning off a translator, so most of Nessalyn's speech will be quite patchy in places.