"Sweet like a butterfly, everything else like a bee." Nectar's tagline.

Nectar Pollencia is a self-made character that is the Daughter of the Killer Bees. She loves dancing, and she is also Jewish.


Nectar Pollencia is a very friendly character; she is quite happy-go-lucky and odd, but she can be sensitive too. She loves dancing, and learns a new move every Rosh Hashanah, as said in her bio. She is faithful to her Jewish religion, but she celebrates Christmas with the others too as well as Hanukkah. She has a slight drift in her memory, so sometimes she forgets the most obvious things, but she can also be very serious and smart too, showing she isn't another stupid Barbie.

Origin of Species

Nectar Pollencia is said to have descended from Barry B. Benson from the movie Bee Movie, and possibly the other crew at Honex Industries. She has small wings that aren't that visible unless she turns around, however, she hasn't got a stinger as she is very kind and would never do any harm to normies or other monsters.



Nectar's family live in 'a huge hive-like hut somewhere in the middle of Kansas, hidden by a valley of trees'.


Nectar's best friend is Plantina Gardenrie, but she is also friends with Yolanda Jedi, Quil Liphoth and Breanna Beetlejuice


Nectar is single, but is in a friends-with-benefits relationship with her BFF Plantina Gardenrie



Nectar wears a pink, black and grey pouf-end corset over jeans and a black and yellow stripe tank top with a sleeve left on. She wears these with a pair of pink Dr. Martens high tops. She carries a bouquet in her hand.


  • "Bumbleish! That's so exciting!"


  • Nectar Pollencia is a great dancer, while Plantina Gardenrie is a good singer, and they enter the talent show every year.
  • Nectar is implied to be a Pollen Jock.