This page is titled what my username would be if I ever decide to make one. I'm the ghoul who created the following OC's.

  1. Roseforatue
  2. Clawdia Howlson
  3. Abe Bominable
  4. Jackula
  5. Jade Shadows
  6. Harleen Quinn
  7. Cathrine Kyle
  8. Boogina Fright
  9. Goblina Fright
  10. Deathony Reaper
  11. Kim Reaper
  12. Scarold Crow
  13. Sassy Sqauch
  14. C.C. Sugarfield
  15. Roaxie Pixlen
  16. Lina Bite
  17. Pierre Goyle

I love batman the animated series, specificly the episodes that feature Harley Quinn. I'm also a fan of Bratz. I love doing martail arts. I love animals. Of course I love Halloween. My favorite Monster High doll line would have to be Ghouls Rule! My favorite book series is R.L. Stine's Goosebumps. I love black and white horror films(they're best on a rainy day!) I also created Monster Fright Middle School, I wrote it's theme song and made all of its characters. Oh and I have a serious fear of clowns, but a fun carnival is always my thing. If I could be a monster I would be a vampire, they rock! I would also probably enjoy being a werewolf, I lovvvvve steak. I love the show My Babysitter's a Vampire. I also created Ghoul Mansion, it corresponds to what I do with my dolls. I love cotton candy and pink chafion(if that's how you spell it.) My favorite monster high character Abbey Bominable, she being the reason I started to like Monster High. My favorite color is blue, and my favorite food is cheese. I am also a fan of Alyssa 101's OCs.

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