Myra-Sabine Redblood is a Belfry Prep student who came to Monster High. Her name/personality was fitted by Thenaturals


Myra-Sabine is a traditional preppy vampire girl who used to go to Belfry Prep. She is quite strict, knows her defenses, and even makes one of the bathrooms a vampire-only bathroom. She is also a big fan of the Twihard saga, and her favourite blood type is B+. She hints that she is quite threatening, as she likes to drink blood like a traditional vampire. She does not, however, carry a bell on her waistcoat.



Myra-Sabine likes to fang out with her vampire friends, mainly Transfusia Goredon and Violet Glucosia, as she sits with them at dinner and is with them in the bathroom.


Myra-Sabine dances with Jason Clawden in the 'Fright On!' special. She is with Milo Bites on the escalator, and resists Heath Burns' advances.


Myra-Sabine has black hair with purple streaks which is curly. She also has red eyes and pale pink-white skin.

Original Outfit

Myra-Sabine wears a red shirt with black cuffs, a black waistcoat, black and red belt, a red bat barrette in her hair, a grey bitten skirt, red socks and black/red shoes.


  • Myra-Sabine is one of the many backgrounders that Thenaturals has adapted into a main form of character.
  • Myra-Sabine is also involved in an unrelated side project of Breanna's, called Meet The Monsters.