Myra-De-Nile is the youngest of the De-Nile sisters. Unlike Cleo and Nefera she doesn't much care about popularity. Before she went to Monster High she went to an Egyptian Boarding School where she was bullied because she was a bit different that the others. However, she found Monster High to be a more accepting place.

Monster High Student

Myra-De-Nile's Basic Outfit

Age 5,841 I think.
Monster Parent The Mummy
Killer Style I like to go casual.
Freaky Flaw I'm always tripping on my wrappings.
Pet Simary, my black egyptian cat. She's the sweetest thing.
Favorite Activity I love hanging out with friends.
Biggest Pet Peeve I hate bickering with my sisters.
Fav School Subject Geometry, I've been around pyramids my whole life.
Least Fav Subject Gym, it's really hard to run if you have wrappings.
Favorite Color Light Blue.
Favorite Food Fruit.
BFFs Ghoulia Yelps and Abbey Bominable.


Myra is very sweet but shy. She can be a bit clumsy and tends to trip on her wrappings. She is nothing like her sisters and a great friend you can always count on.

Physical Description

Tan skin, straight brown hair, and blue eyes. She wears wrappings on her arms or legs. At times she wears wrappings on both.



Myra lives with her father and her sisters Cleo and Nefera.

Myra and Cleo are frienimies. Sometimes they can't stop arguing but they are always there for each other. However, she does not get along with Nefera and they can never stop bickering.


She is close friends with Ghoulia Yelps which has caused some trouble with her and Cleo. She is also really close with Abbey Bominable.


She is currently single.


Myra's DOTD Outfit

Myra's DOTD Outfit

Myra's Gloom Beach Outfit

Gloom Beach Myra

Myra's Dead Tired Pajamas

Myra's Dead Tired Pajamas

Myra-De-Nile's School's Out Dress

School's Out Myra