Murderous Bus
Season Grave Days; 1, Episode 11
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After Hannah walks in the room, she sees a girl. Hannah is FREAKED OUT. (Supposed to be caps<--) She walks up to her and asks, "Who are you?" The ghost girl turns around and replies, "I'm Anna." Hannah then asks her, "Why are you here?" Anna sadly replies, "I was murdered on this bus when I was on a tour." Hannah gasps and replies, "By who?" "The bus driver, Mr. Scares. He has a big knife in his seat pocket. You need to get off this bus NOW. I'll get the instruments out. You get the stuff. I'm just stuck here. Nowhere to go." Hannah's eyes lit up. "How about Monster High?" Hannah rounds up the Queen Singers and Anna teleports them home. Anna is happy to make new friends at Monster High and to see her parents. Hannah and her become best friends.


Anna flying in the room through ghost-detecting glasses.


The webisode sign

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