Mothina is a moth who loves anything that tends to be black. She is daughter of the Mothman.

Moth in hiding

Mothina is one of the co-helpers of the student body newspaper. she is usually not seen around the school in the day time. because she is usually sleeping in, due to her nocturnal nature.

Physical traits

Mothina has pale grey skin, and is a brunette, with cherry red eyes. She has Gray Moth-like wings coming from her back. Just like Muireall, or Valentina, she likes goth. And is a exchange student from London.



Mothina is a very isolated being herself. She seems to think that having friends is more trouble on her shoulders. This also goes for having that special one in her life.


Mothina is half-sisters with Bonita Femur, But Mothina says she doesn't like to talk about her because shes a "disgrace to the family."

Classic Monster

Mothina is the daughter of The Mothman, a paranormal creature that took the minds of people and controlled them.



-Mothman stands 7 foot. Mothina on the other hand is very short standing at 5 foot, and doesn't seem to grow.

-mothina cannot take the control of any other monsters mind, but can with other moths.