"Monstersodes" is a series of webisodes. It has a crew of four girls who have a lot of troubles at the school, but try to solve them in different ways.


Volume 1 of Monstersodes has Raisia Rock, Mindy Doctor, Cindy Cupid and Maddi Gorgon.

Raisia Rock is a Rock Monster.

Mindy Doctor is a Midevil Plague Doctor.

Cindy Cupid is a Cupid.

Maddi Gorgon is a Gorgon.


Their big "trouble" is that they all have a secret - they didn't agree to be BFF's. They try to find what they have in common to see if they are true friends or not.

Later on in the Volume, they get big problems: lost items, fashion emergencies, crushes, and argues. They keep ignoring each other in the arguments, but they find out that they should get along since they have always been friends - as they thought until they agreed.

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