Monster High New Ghoul, New School: Monsterella

Julia and Grace were at the maul trying on new shoes. Julia bought pretty glass heels for the dance that Jackson told her about. She saw a cute boy and Grace told her to ask him out. And she did!!!!! She went to ask the boy to the dance and he said yes. Later, Jackson told her that tonight there will be a full moon and at midnight she will turn into Hanna.That night she was dancing with the boy. And the clock hit midnight. So she ran out of there as fast as she could. Then she turned into Hanna. But the bad thing was is that 1. She only had one heel on. And 2. The boy didn't know her NAME!!!!! Hanna turned back into Julia. AHHH!!!!! What am I going to do!!!!! The next day the boy was going to ask the girls at school if this is their shoe. They all said no. he asked Julia and she said yes. He said I saw you at the mall but I was going to say that the dance starts at midnight and you didn't come. What? she said. I was there. Yeah, when the blue, fire headed hottie ran off at 12:20. Oh no I must of turned into Hanna when I got there at midnight cause maybe the clock was wrong!!!!! she said. What? the boy said. Nothing. she said. He walked away saying "I'll look for the blue, fire headed hottie instend for the normie!!!!!" Wow, That was weird!!!!! said Grace. Yeah. Said Julia.

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