Monster Middle School: Vampire Takeover is the new middle school fanmade series of kids.

Fitting the theme, all of the characters are loosely based off characters from the Canadian Teletoon/Disney show, "My Babysitter's a Vampire."

The Movie

"The Movie" is the long beginning that sets up the series of short stories.

A new year at Monster Middle School, 5th grader, Moonly Howls, werewolf comes busting through the school and starts talking to Kristen Fangtell, Gory's little sister, but Kristen dismisses her. When going back to sit down, she is praised by sea monster, Aquanique Waters. They hang out together and become great friends with Carla, a 5th grade normie sits next to them. Carla has been bugging them individually since pre-k. They both agree that they do not like her and find that in common, but Carla does not give up trying to be a friend.

Sam, another 7th grade normie walks down the hall with Kristen Fangtell, his best 7th grader friend. Kristen hugs him, only to bite him. Madly, Sam dumps his lunch on Kristen and storms off. He sees a booth that says "Midnight" which is the equivalent to Twilight. Drake, another 7th grade normie who dreams of being a vampire calls him. Sam tells him he is no longer friends with Kristen, and that he's a vampire. Drake gets excited and goes to befriend Kristen.

After lunch, Moonly convinces Aquanique to join the vampire clique, but they are denied by Kristen, but eavesdrop. Sam walks in and leaves, only there to pick up something, but trips over Moonly's leg, and falls down with them. Aquanique is smitten. They listen and find out the vampires plan to rule the school, and with the help of Gory and Bram, the world.

These unlikely friends form an alliance.

One week later, they meet up and talk when Kristen and Drake walk in. Drake is now a vampire.

At a food-fight, the vampires try to get to a hideout, when now second-in-command Drake is stopped by Carla, who thinks he is handsome (which Moonly agrees to), so Drake bites her, Carla becomes even more smitten, but is a vampire as well.

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