Monster MakeOver
Season 1, Episode 6
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Monster High: Eternal Goodbyes season 1, episode 6: Make overs and make ups are alive at Monster High and they shake up friends and more then friends.


Teala says through sobs that she is the only one of her friends that doesn't have a date to the Guyz and Ghoulz Dance. Wicca comforts her and says she knows how to get her a date for the dance. Wicca takes Teala to the maul and tells a group of stylists to make her irresistible. The stylists respond by saying it will be hard but they can do it. Hours go by with the stylists still plucking, trimming, and painting Teala while Wicca falls asleep. Eventually the stylists say they're done and turn the chair around. Wicca smiles at Teala's unshown shimmering face and says she's ready to get a date.

Back at Monster High Gina is still sulking over her detention and tries to confront Howleen who she hasn't talked to for a week. Howleen says it's just detention and that she gets it all the time. Gina says it was her first day and Howleen caused it. Howleen defends herself but Gina still blames her and floats off.

The front doors open and a girl walks down the hall without her face being shown. Guys throughout the hallway drop their jaws including a zombie's whose mouth completely falls off. Wicca walks in and announces that this is the new Teala. Teala's face is shown now as a beautiful girl without a wart or blemish on her face. Many guys run up to her asking her to the dance. She closes her eyes and reaches for a hand only to reveal HooDude. Wicca says to go with him even though he's totally lame. Teala decides to go with HooDude while all the other guys are upset.

Howleen brings Gina lamp polish as an apology gift even though she continues to protest that it wasn't her fault. Gina accepts the gift and says sorry for being annoying. The two hug and decide to go off to the Maul to buy new clothes.

Teala and Wicca discuss the dance and Teala asks why Wicca said to take Hoodude. Wicca responds saying it's to set an example that one date with a loser will make other losers ask her out and when she turns them down she'll be irresistible to hotter guys. Teala says that's mean but Wicca says that's how things work. Teala looks sad as Wicca walks off.

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