Monster High and the Fab-BOO-lous Adventure is a fan-fiction following Sally Boo-Shriek's first few days at Monster High. Written by MadieB1999 and Vanessa789.


  • Sally Boo-Shriek: A girl under the curse of Bloody Mary, Sally can leave her body as a ghost.
  • Deuce Gorgon: After a cliché misunderstanding, Sally soon develops a crush on him, but is scared to say anything because of her friendship with Cleo.
  • Ben Shea: Son of the banshee, Ben has ATHD, Annoying Talkitive Hyperness Disorder, so tends to talk a lot. He has a crush on Cleo but often makes a fool of himself in front of her. Can he win her heart with his singing skills?
  • Cleo De Nile: After a cliché misunderstanding, Cleo tries to become and stay friends with Sally. But is the new ghoul flirting with her boyfriend?
  • James: Sally's ghost hamster, he died the Summer prior to the storyline, but after being cursed, he became her paranormal-pet. But is this ham hiding a secret from his owner?
  • Heather Black: Daughter of Hades, Heather hates any color except black, gray and the occasional purple. She does not express many emotions, although smiles once in a while when around Jackson.
  • Breanna Beetlejuice: Daughter of Beetlejuice, she is madly enthusiastic, and very, very crazy!
  • Grace Reaper: Daughter of the Grim Reaper, this chic demoness loves her baby blue.
  • Bonnie Koopa: Daughter of Bowser, Bonnie is not a ghoul you want to mess with.
  • Shannon Dorf: Daughter of Gannondorf (refer to The Legend Of Zelda), Shannon is everything but like her father.
  • Luna and Moona Wolf: Clawdeen's sisters and twins to each other, Luna is quiet and selfless while Moona is a drummer and loves parties. Moona also has a crippled paw.
  • Lou Pan: Son of Lo Pan, Lou will do anything to get the ghoul of his dreams to smile.
  • Kitridge "Kit" Kat: A very mysterious ghoul, her origin is for now unknown.
  • Bekka "Bleckka" Bleck: Daughter of Count Bleck and Timpiny, she can be very tricky. She also reffers to herself in the third person for some reason.




  1. Beast Buddies (Chapters 1, 2)-- May 2012*
  2. Grave Mistake (Chapters 3,4)-- Summer 2012*
  3. Adventure Time! (Chapters 5, 6, 7)-- Fall 2012*
  4. What the Heart Wants (Chapters 8, 9)-- Winter 2012-13*

The Lost Chapter: Thoughts of a Ham -- Eventually*

(* Dates may change)


  • Sally is seen in her room several times. There is a Lady Ga-Ghost poster and several Nightmare Before Christmas themed items (poster, pillow, alarm clock, etc.)
  • Her Dead Tired is based on Sally Ragdoll's clothing
  • Aaron is seen at the end
  • There is a special "missing chapter" about James in the end
  • Ben Shea first met Cleo in 7th grade.
  • Although Kit Kat's parent(s) are known, they are not announced until later.
  • The trailer was supposed to be released on October 31st, but due to a computer virus was posted November 6th
  • Sally is seen singing several times, which shows that she may have some musical talent. She seems to be a soprano.
  • Fab-BOO-lous is part of a four-part series. This is proved when the end title says "The End?", suggesting this is not the only movie. Stories MadieB1999 have shelved are "Lovesick", "SPOOK-tacular Summer", and "Blame It On The Ghouls". It is unsure what order they come in.

LOL Moments

  • Breanna: "Ugh. Don't mind Cleo. I think she's wound a little too tightly. HA! And they call ME crazy!"
  • Ben: "Do girls like dead frogs?" Deuce: "Girls don't like them, and neither do I."
  • Heather: "Y'know what the best thing would be?" Sally: "Winning American Frightol?" Heather: "I wish."
  • Sally: "Uh... Are you okay?" Breanna: "Yeah, why?" Sally: "I thought you were choking on your tongue or something." Breanna: "Yeah, I get it from my father." Sally: "Your laugh or your tongue?"
  • Kit: "You know what they say--Looks are everything." Heather: "No, they're not." Kit: "Whatever. To me they are."
  • Lou: "You know Shoop Da Whoop?" Bonnie: "No...?" Lou: "I practically invented it." Bonnie: "Uh...good for you?"
  • Bleckka: "Bekka is pleased." Kit: "Why do Bekka talk like this?" Bleckka: "Look, you no make fun of how Bekka speaks, Bekka no make fun of how you speak. Got it?" Kit: "Nyeah, got it."


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