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Monster High New Ghouls, New School 5 Band Pratice

Amy, Howley and Julia were going to Julia house. The girls were going to practice their song " The Switch". Yo J said Amy, Hi said Howley, Bye said Julia.

They went to Julia's room. Lets start! said Julia. Lets play truth or scare since we're gonna sleepover! said Howley. Okay said Julia. Oh, and After truth or scare, we'll do MAKEOVERS!!!!! Said Amy. Truth or scare Julia! said Howley. Scare, but a Hard one! Said Julia. Okay, I scare you to... TELL YOUR BROTHER HE LOOKS CUTE! said Howley. Okay! said Julia and went downstairs.

5 Min. Later...

I did it! said Julia. Now can we start the band Meeting. Okay said Howley. Fine said Amy.

I thought of adding these posters in school. said Howley. Okay. But I pick this poster! said Amy.


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