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We wish you a warm welcome to the Monster High Fandom Wiki, where inventive Monster High fans can bring their creations to life! This place is full of creative original characters, fan work and pictures, and you can join too!
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Original Character of the Month: August

Sachiko Ga

The Character of the Month for June is Sachiko Ga, created by Mishachu Tubby!

Sachiko is very kind towards other monsters, even if some are not really that kind to her back. She is still not all happiness like her name means. She has a bit of a temper if someone ever does anything to harm the earth. She can also cause mass destruction when you get her angry enough. She cares about all living things; from the smallest organizm to the megoladon. She does all she can to help in activities, just as long as its something her mother would approve of. She is also protective of certain people around her, mostly nature. She puts her friends before herself a lot of times, like her mother.

Check out her fluttering profile here!

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