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Monster of the month
Kimmy deva

Kimmy Deva: Hello out there to all you lovely wikians. You are now tuned in to On the Air with Kimmy Deva, because June is definitely the month to celebrate this demigoddess of love! Always ready with good advice to give to her lovestruck radio listeners and friends, Kimmy is exactly the kind of ghoul everyone wants to have as a beast friend forever, and has certainly captured the hearts of all of us on the wiki!

Amy Donny SOTM

Amy Pousa and Donny Phaestus: Though they never knew each other at their old school in Greece, the Fates and a fiery incident finally brought Donny and Amy together at Monster High. Though both are continuously surprised that the other is attracted to them, this demigod and monster couple are truly a match made in Olympus. Whether out on a date, or getting their hands dirty in Donny’s workshop, Donny and Amy always revel in each other’s company, even if Donny’s mother tries to “help their relationship along” every once in a while.

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