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Monster of the month
Amy Pousa-no background

Amy Pousa: What do you get when you mix a donkey leg, a brass leg, a fiery spirit and a bit of Greek magic? Why, you get this month’s winner Amy Pousa, daughter of the Empousa! A sassy yet mildly clumsy ghoul with a passion, she’s (burned) earned her way to Character of the Month for April. Be confident, Amy, you’ve made Grandma Hecate and the rest of us very proud!

Ship of the Month

Mila Malevich and 0-xum: April’s ship of the month has really put grease in our gears and stars in our eyes, because Mila Malevich and 0-xum have taken our wiki by storm! This debate class duo of a cosmonaut ghost and gynoid share a love of science and engineering, and we all share a love of this couple. All aboard, because this ship has really set sail!

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