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We wish you a warm welcome to the Monster High Fandom Wiki, where inventive Monster High fans can bring their creations to life! This place is full of creative original characters, fan work and pictures, and you can join too!
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Original Character of the Month


The Character of the Month for April is Princess Alsie, created by Admin146!

First of all, Alsie is a happy ghoul. Due to being shy, she didn't make any friends at first. But Sadie Fox told her she was shy too and they became friends. In the story, Alsie makes friends with Metalena McMetal. Phoebe Wisher became her partner in Mad Science. After a few more classes, she and Phoebe were inseparable. Dandora became her friend slightly after Phoebe. Dandora told Alsie about her awesome father Dante, after that you couldn't drag them away from each other! Other facts about Alsie is that she hates bugs and she doesn't want to be queen.

Check out her chilling profile here!

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