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Monster of the month

Isn’t it funny how the most unfeeling of characters can be the receiver of so much love from their fans? That’s certainly the case for 2019’s first character of the month, Lilith Wires! This adorable android may only understand emotions on the level of data and figures for the purpose of appropriate social responses, but hopefully she can compute just how much this wiki adores her! Congratulations!


It’s a tale as old as time: beast meets oni, they share two true love’s kisses, the beast’s curse is only partially broken, and they lived happily ever high school in two different dimensions. Okay, maybe that’s not usually how the story goes, but that’s how it’s worked out for 2019’s first SOTM, Adele Beast and Akai Oniwara.No distance, even the distance between two realms, can break this couple’s true love!

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