This all new series created by Thenaturals revolves around her OCs in Monster High, doing their daily doings. Each story revolves around one character in specific.


Each season will have thirteen stories, each one based on one character.

Season 1

  1. Let Them Shriek Cake (A Breanna Beetlejuice Tale) -
  2. A-band-on Ship (A Lina Greene Tale) -
  3. The Nerds Stall (A Lori 'Nerds' Wonka Tale) -
  4. Run-Over SAT (An Eternity Time Tale) -
  5. Haunted Hangout (A Yolanda Jedi Tale) -
  6. The Art of Evolution (An Angela L. Goulding Tale) -
  7. Fishy Paddle (A Beatrice Capri Tale) -
  8. To Notice or Not to Notice (A Sepia Kovarian Tale) -
  9. A Ness of an Effort (A Nessalyn Van Loch Tale) -
  10. Rue and Through (A Clarissa Del Rue Tale) -
  11. 13 Ways to Deathtension (An Eliza Paradox Tale) -
  12. Up, Up and A Howl (An Impert Puck Tale) -
  13. Diary of a Wimpy Alien (An Allie N. Greene Tale) -

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