New Kid is the first episode of Monster Guys. It centers around Sam Sandman joining the friendship of Deuce, Clawd, Heath, and HooDude. Despite Sam being the main character for this episode, the rest depict Deuce as the main character.


Being the new kid is a nightmare - especially for the sleepy Sam Sandman. Get the rocking info on what really happened on his first day.


Sam Sandman, dressed in fully short-sleeved midnight blue footy pajamas and a white scarf with black and blue hair and a blue bandana enters the school. He puts his books in his locker and falls asleep when Deuce and Clawd are talking and someone slams their locker door, causing Sam to wake up.

Sam, out of sorts is taken in to the bathroom by Deuce & Clawd to be refreshed, and joins them at lunch. Sam sees HooDude as a giant stuffed animal, and Sam names HooDude the second in command of dreams, giving him purpose other then dreaming about Frankie. Heath joins the group at lunch, and they all quickly become friends.

When they play basketball and Heath accidently hits Frankie in the face, knocking her limbs apart, Headmistress sentences Deuce's team to detention when Sam sells them out, claiming Sam has nothing to do with them, and doesn't know them, angering them, except for HooDude who has run to the help of Frankie. Cleo is upset with Deuce, Clawdeen and Draculaura is upset with Clawd, and Ghoulia with Heath. Sam gets out of detention while the rest of the guys must attend.

The next day, Sam goes to sit with them when Deuce confronts him, and they leave him, taking their friendships with them. Sam feels horribly bad and finds a way to make everything right, by replacing his welcoming party with a 'thank you' party. He tells the ghouls that he hit Frankie, and everyone shows up, and the friendship is back.

The episode ends with Sam and Deuce walking down the hallway, only to be joined by Clawd from the right, HooDude from the left, and Heath from behind, and they all walk down the hall in one big group.

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