Molestus is Echo Vondergeist's pet ghost rat.

Physical Description:

Molestus looks like a comon rat, save for the fact that he's a light whiteish-blue, and fades in and out of visible sight.

Bio Description:

" ghost rat. Spectra named him...ok she calls me that and I thought it was funny to name my rat that. No idea what it means though...must be latin for awesome!"


  • "Molestus" is Latin for "annoying".
  • Echo was given a ghost rat because of his annoying nature, and because of a rat's similar abbility, much like a ferret's, to get into anything anywhere at any time
  • A humanized version of Molestus makes him still appear to be a ghost who fell out of a clothes hamper basket, due to the odd bits of random clothing he's wearing. He seems to have a mischievious spirit though.

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