This is the diary of Miranda Mammoth. If you are reading this, you better not tell my mother or she'll buck you. Thanks!


July 4th, Buckson Month

I am Miranda Mammoth, the great-great-great etc. granddaughter of the mammoth from 10,000 B.C. Today is a special holiday in mammoth years where we sew special tooth fossils into jewelry for our friends. I am giving mine to Sanne Sabertooth, my best friend ever.

July 15th, Buckson Month

Today it rained harder than the scarecasters said. Thank goodness I have a home to keep me safe. Sanne lives in a cave with her weird father. I hope Sanne is alright. I haven't seen her for many days.

July 21st, Buckson Month

Today I finally saw Sanne! She was at the Scary Aptitude Prep meeting. She was with Ghoulia. The meeting was always. I don't know why. My heart yearns for a fashion show.

July 26th, Buckson Month

We had a Fierce Fashion 101 preview this morning. It was very fun to see all the fashion designers at the meeting. I sat behind Clawdeen Wolf. We were friends long ago. Sigh...why do I always think of sadness? Happier topics are to come....

August 7th, Rainwell Month

Sanne has gone with her father to some temple thingy. Before she left, she handed me fresh apple turnovers she made. "For good eating," she simply said. I was so happy I hugged her right on the spot. I thanked her and said I'll miss her. And on a happier was my birthday. I got some new books, cute outfits, and even a new red diary (in case I run out of space, my mom smiled). I have to eat birthday cake now. Goodbye!

August 15th, Rainwell Month

Back to school shopping today. I know I got new clothes for my birthday but I love getting tons of outfits. My closet overflows a lot. Oh well.

August 17th, Rainwell Month

Although time passes usually ever day I write in here, this will be one of my longest diary entries, 'Kay, here it goes:

Today my family and I were doing our usual morning routine:

1. Make sure everyone has breakfast

2. Make sure everyone is dressed

3. Make sure everyone has brushed and flossed

Until a knock on the door startled us. I opened the door and found an invitation saying:

Fashion 101 Show this Friday! Miranda Mammoth is our main model this year!

I almost collasped on the rug. Me, the main model this year? Double fist pump. I was so ready for it.

August 23rd, Rainwell Month

Must...keep...writing. I'm so tired. It's very late at night, and I had the most exciting day of my life. Must...stay...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

August 24th, Rainwell Month

Well, I guess I should begin with the remarkable fashion show.