"Hi, the name is Miraca, I'm a 16/179 year old ghoul who can- Pass through walls, read minds, become invisible, lift things without touching them/lifting a finger.

I really love to make friends, I hope we can be bffs!!!!

Well, that's from the best of me. The worst of me? You wouldn't wanna see. Coz I'm affected by light and garlic, and it requires those to bring the worst outta me, you wanna see? Seriously you have got some guts..... RAWR!!!!!!!!!!" ~Miraca

Actually, she was an orphan since 9 and were adopted by two loving wizard and witch. Miraca learned to do some magic from her new parents and always stands out from her peers.

You should also know that Miraca can change her appearance anytime.... Not creapy..... Well, maybe abit