September 30t

Tomorrow is the big test,I just can`t take another day of studying,I flipped through all of my LilyMu comic books,Mom called me for dinner,I had Steak,Fish Fingers,and Fish Soup,I could barely eat it,Mom and Dad usaully cook good stuff,My Sister Claire is a whole other deal,Her Steak is VERY COLD,her Fish Sticks are STEAMING HOT,and the Soup is ok,this is dinner,not Moldilocks and the 3 scares!

November 1st

Today It rained,It made me do a Rain song for the girls,they all screamed so hysterically,I made a run for it,I did the test,and when I got it back,It said "A+",I was going to fall right out of seat,I rubbed my eyes,Pinched myself and squirted myself with water from my water bottle,It was no fantasy,No dream!,No thought!,I was a genius,My eyes were twinkling like stars had replaced my pupil`s,Claire made lunch,I almost choked on something,she put in my Fugu Frappe,she made herself

November 7th

I skipped an awful lot of days,because Claire has been making food that is terrible,and Mom finally went back to making our lunches :),so I was happy,Today Spectra Vondergeist and Abbey Bominible took an embarassing pic of me hamming up an assembly,If they post that on the Ghostly Gossip,I will so EMBARASSED

November 8th

Today I saw Clawdeen at a Fashion Store and I saw Deuce at a cooking store,Clawdeen stared at me and said something stupid "Yo Mikey,you got any ghostly tunes?" I think Abbey and Spectra posted that on the ghostly gossip,and I had to stop Torelei from looking at it,but I was too late,Spectra then appeared out of nowhere like some inverted jack in the box and said "I am soooo sorry for you,Micheal J. Merman,she calls me by my real name because she knows I hate it,I just turned around and walked into a vetranarian,and Octa got her shot

November 9th

I went to school,but I wasn`t happy,I got attacked by Frankie`s pet dog,Watzit,and then I saw Opretta and Holt walking down the hall and shook their heads at me,and Holt took a deep breath and said to me "ummm,You know its not polite to stare

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