Mikey Merman is made by A Wikia Contributer,I will do Mina Deusa (Deuce`s Older Sister) later this yea

Profile for Mikey Merman

Age: 9,999 days old (well, I dunno, I am a mythological merman)

Parents: The Siren

Killer Style: When I sing, the girls in the hallway will scream hysterically. I am mobbed by girls and Deuce even made me the official number one in casketball, and I have won tons of talent shows.

Freaky Flaw: My tail always gets in the way. At Lunch, in Class, EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!! And I have total feelings for Cleo de Nile, but Deuce gets angry and usually tries to stone me, but Clawd is on my back, so I am OK. Also sometimes when I fall for girls, such as Lagoona Blue, Clawdeen Wolf, and Cleo de Nile, but when I do, Clawd will stop speaking to me until a month has passed, Gil will just stare at me like I`m stupid, and Deuce will try to stone me...

Favorite Color: Aqua Blue..It reminds me of my tenth future wife... Lagoona Blue!

Favorite Food: Japanese Noodles...or maybe Italian Spaghetti...or maybe it`s Irish Bread... I am a world traveler, so is my mom, the Siren.

Pet Peeve: When someone calls me "Mr.Fishy". First of all, I am a merman, not a fish, and second of all, I am sensitive, so when someone teases me, I cry hysterically, and the only thing that will make me feel happy is a kiss from a pretty girl.

Pet:My pet octopus, Clamantha is a very secretive. Octo, especially when I have a secret secret.

BFFS: I rule alone, but I don`t like Cleo, I just like seeing Deuce`s reaction. I like Nefera.

Favorite Subject: After School, I love going home.

Least Favorite Subject: Study Howl, especially when I get into detention for whistling, especially when it turns into singing. I hate gym too,I can`t breathe air,I have AquaAsthema.

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