Mia Witch

The Daugther Of The Witch

Mia Witch
Monster High Student
Mia W.
Age 14
Monster Parent The Witch
Killer Style Well.. I mostly wear white. I know it's weird because a witch would be into the color black, but white is so classy looking and basic.
Freaky Flaw Sometimes I do my spells wrong!
Pet My pet Frog named Leap Year or Leap for short, I got him on a Leap Day too.
Favorite Activity READING A BOOK!!! i'm a Bookworm.
Biggest Pet Peeve Water and people, who tells me I read to much
Fav School Subject Study Howl -READ,READ, and READ!!!!
Least Fav Subject Home ick, Witches are House Work wizards, LOL
Favorite Color White, it's so Classy.
Favorite Food Apples, reminds me of that normie game called "Bobbing For Apples" on Halloween.

P.S. thats not my b-day

BFFs Howleen and Jackson
Diary: Mia Witch's Diary


Mia is sweet girl like her sis(Mariah witch) but only thing is diffrent is that she is a Bookworm. she reads like EVERYDAY. Plus she will enter any Spelling Bee!

Physical Description

Mia is just like Mariah same hair color and skin color. But her hair is in two buns in the back and with a bang.


In her Diary, It states that she is a real daady's girl. Which shows why she dress a little like a normie. She has a Mom, of couse and a dad who is a normie. She has big sis named Mariah(16) and a baby brother named Tommy(2).

Check this Out: The Witch Family


Mia is friends with Howleen Wolf and they always talking to each other and plus love to have Sleepovers and inviting Howleen there.

Plus she is kinda friends with Jackson Jekyll.


She Doesn't have none but, kinda don't like Holt Hyde. She said He's too LOUD!!!!

P.S. She doesn't know Jackson and Holt are the same person.


She has boyfriend, who's a water dragon.


Mia is wearing a white shirt with a orange jacket (it has a black star on the right) and a black skirt with white leggings (it has black checkers on it and the skirt has orange star on the right coner). One of her shoes are white with black lines and one is black with white lines. Her hair is in a ponytail and she's wearing glasses.

Dead Tired

Mia's wearing a white grown with orange lace at ends. Her shoes her white slipper with the slipper wearing a mini orange witch hat. Her hair is all out (Which Howleen is Jealous). Also has a sleep mask on her head.

Dance Class


Creepy Carnival

Mia is wearing a long sleeve white shirt with another shirt (which is orange) above it. Her pants are navy blue and her shoes are white with orange heels (it has a strap with a navy blue buckle and gold ring around it). Her hair is short and wavey with a side bang. She's wear her glasses.

Power Ghouls - Spellix Ghoul


13 Wishes - Mia wishes to be Older



  • Mia might have a pet frog, but she's not allowed to have pets because her family alright have three pets. So the reason why she got Leap is because she told her mom he's a magic test animal.
  • In webisobes, her hair is in two buns.
  • If she can't be around water, why does she has a water dragon BF?