Melody Finley is the daughter of the Siren.This character was made by KrazyKatKayla.


Melody is the daughter of the siren (mermaid, not Greek) and thus, can be very charming and persuasive. However, bring up anything pertaining to "ship", "boat," "dingy," etc., then you are in for an entertaining final moment.


Melody has long red hair, teal eyes, purple lips, a teal tail, and grey skin.



Melody is very independent and can be rude to her mom every so often but truly cares for her.


Melody is friends with Lupa Claw, who is ironically the sister of Remus Claw. She is often using her voice to get Lupa to do things but nothing too dangerous.


Melody is currently dating Remus Claw and has been teaching him how to move past doggie-paddling.



Melody wears a simple lime green mid-riff tee.

Beach Screech

Melody is wearing a black mid-riff tank top with gold straps and three gold triangles, like on Remus Claw's swim trunks. Her hair is high-lighted gold and black to match Remus and she wears matching eyeshadow.


  • "Now, Lupa, just because I bewitched doesn't mean you're guilty...wait, yes it does." Melody trying to calm Lupa down after an "unfortunate siren mishap"
  • "Let's see, you're an Aussie, a goody-two shoes, tone deaf, a kiss up. Need I go on?" Melody insulting Lagoona Blue
  • "Mom, I do not want to see her! Why? Because A) I'm 16 and B) She's a tone deaf witch. Literally!" Melody to her mom when her mom asked if she wanted to see a Hannah Hauntana (parody of Hannah Montana) concert


  • Melody is of no relation to the Canonical Monster High Character Melody Carver, but of KrazyKatKayla's own mind
  • Melody goes to school on Monday, Wednesday, Friday because of her fins, and takes Tuesday and Thursday via internet
  • Among the many things Melody has charmed Lupa Claw into doing is robbing the school funds to pay for a dolphin rescue service. This earned her some heavy fineds in sand dollars and a solemn oath to not bewitch Lupa into doing anything illegal
  • She and Remus have been in a relationship for 1 1/2 years and he still dog paddles


Melody Finley

Melody basic


Remus and Melody: Beach Screech