Mella Widow
Monster High Student
Mella Widow
Age I died at 15... 15?
Monster Parent They are gone. I'm now a ghost.
Killer Style Velvet dresses and leftover spiderwebs.
Freaky Flaw I tend to freak people out. A LOT.
Pet The black widow that caused my death. I have named her Nox.
Favorite Activity Haunting around the shadows.
Biggest Pet Peeve People hating on my name. Ask my parents. Oh, yeah... THEY'RE DEAD!
Fav School Subject None.
Least Fav Subject Please read above, you morons.
Favorite Color Monotone. That's all I am, so...
Favorite Food Surprisingly, Waffles
BFFs I'm a loner, yes I am!
[1] Mella Widow's Diary


Mella is a loner. No friends while alive, why have them now? She is snarky and a smart-alek. She likes things her way, and isn't afraid to get a little mean.

Physical Description

As a ghost, Mella's hair is droopy and gray and is pulled up in a bun with a black bow. Her eyes are red, giving her an eerie feel. Her skin is pale and white, much like Spectra's.



Mella is lonely, none of her family alive, but her adopted sister, Opal. She is still alive, but never Mella sees her. Mella cares for Opal very much, and sets her goal to be her guardian ghost.


Mella is a loner, so she doesn't have much friends.


Mella's pet is the black widow that had bitten her when she was 15, and adopted her as her pet, Nox.


Mella is single and no manster would DARE going out with her.



Mella wears a gray velvet dress with a white trim. Her dress is pattern with black and silver drooping flowers. Her leggings are black and gray striped, and her shoes black Mary Janes. She wears a gray friendship bracelet given to her by Opal, with the letter M and W on it in Red.

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